24 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2019

Getting your first online store up and running with PrestaShop themes is almost too easy to be true. This open source software allows you to create your very own eCommerce website and manage it with ease. No need to hire someone to build you the website, you can do it all by yourself from the comfort of your chair. Be in complete control of your online business and avoid all the unnecessary clutter. If you are just starting out and you are browsing the web to find the best solution for your online shop biz, you just came to the right place. Very user and novice friendly, PrestaShop is a highly functional eCommerce software for launching successful web shops. Already powering more than 250,000 websites, this eCommerce app is highly popular amongst small and medium sized businesses. With a multi-functional software for e-stores and a highly optimizable theme, you can create an astonishing online store quickly. To get the most out of both parties, here are some of the best PrestaShop themes which come with all the features a store owner needs and then some. Unquestionably, your eCommerce site will look phenomenal and work flawlessly on all devices (responsive and mobile friendly). Plus, it will have a positive effect regarding search engine rankings and potential organic traffic. A perfect blend of goodies and benefits to set you up for success. Fashion fashion prestashop theme Fashion is a Prestashop theme for, well, fashion and everything related to it. Selling clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, suits, you name it, you can do it all with Fashion. The theme is neat, clean and shipshape, delivering an outstanding experience to all your visitors and potential buyers. And this goes to mobile and desktop users, after all, Fashion is fully responsive and retina ready. There are countless amazing features that you get once you download Fashion. From product quick view and Instagram modules to mega menu, parallax scrolling and unlimited banners, Fashion has it all. But this is just a handful of traits the bundle comes with. On top of that, Fashion is also search engine optimized for your online shop to get picked up by search engines quicker, as well as ranked higher.

21 Best Gaming HTML Website Templates 2019 21 Best Gaming HTML Website Templates 2019

Whoever is looking for some, here are one of the best gaming HTML website templates we managed to collect. To create a superb website in the gaming niche, these templates will help you out do just that. You can easily use them for all sorts of purposes, like news, reviews, blogs, stores and even for developers and companies. Put your knowledge and experience into words and amazing content and start attracting like-minded folks. Before jumping on board, many first dig a little deeper to read the reviews of the game they are attracted by. Sometimes, more like, the majority of the time, the official video game description lacks information. Not only that, players like to read personal reviews to gain a better understanding what they are getting themselves into. As an expert as you are, provide all the needed specs and info and create an experience like nowhere else. With the gaming industry being as big as it is, you can expect many website templates available at your service. To avoid spending your valuable time searching the web to find what fits your needs, you can find the best gaming HTML website templates right here. From those for news and reviews to eCommerce friendly and even find one to start a community with a cool forum. Just like your time is always well-spent playing video games, spend quality time building your gaming website, too. Bravapp bravapp gaming html website template Bravapp is one of the best solutions to push your startup and bring it in front of a global audience. It is a gaming HTML website template with dark and light one- and multi-page home variations. Besides, you also get amazing blog pages and a contact section with an active form and integrated Google Maps. Bravapp is based on Bootstrap 4 what provides the much needed flexibility for your web presence to work seamlessly on any device. After all, you are launching a mobile game, right? Other solid features of Bravapp are MailChimp compatibility, smooth transitions, astounding page loading speed and tidy and organized code. The web template for games is entirely customizable, retina ready and comes with fantastic support. Your presence on the web will surely be an enticing one with Bravapp.

12 Responsive Joomla Virtuemart Templates 2019

For a quick launch of an eCommerce website, we scoured the web for you and collected only the best Joomla VirtueMart templates. You can now build a professional online store relatively fast even if you have zero knowledge about coding and designing. Mega practical templates you find on the list below are built with user friendliness in mind. All Joomla themes are easy to use and simple to customize. Everything, even the smallest detail, is very straightforward and can be modified effortlessly. No need to further browse the internet to find the perfect solution for a web store creation. Supporting VirtueMart, you are not far away from blasting off an amazing product stacked online shop anymore. It is all available at the tip of your fingers and it is you who is able to put together a web shop and no one else. For those who have never done it in their lives and even those who are well familiar with it, with Joomla, VirtueMart and the templates below, you are to create stunning online stores. Apparel, jewelry, electronics, wine, bike equipment or anything else you intend to sell online, Joomla VirtueMart templates are a tool which will help you make it happen. So now, please welcome the top Joomla templates for creating eCommerce websites with modern, high quality and best user experience designs. EmallShop emallshop joomla virtuemart template EmallShop is an amazing multi-purpose Joomla VirtueMart template for selling products of all shapes and sizes. You can use it for retailing apparel, electronics, furniture, whatever online store you plan on realizing, let EmallShop help you out. There are several predefined demos available for a ton of different niches for you to enjoy a fast eCommerce page launch. Along with a whopping fifteen home page demos, you also get all other inner pages that a sophisticated webstore requires. Including a portfolio and blog. Install EmallShop with one click and begin editing it right away. Or you might just want to add your content and launch your shop as is. You can also benefit from different predesigned headers and footers and the amazing Akeeba Backup. On top of that, you can expect new features to drop with future template updates.

14 Stunning Joomla Portfolio Templates For Creatives 2019

With clean and minimal, yet practical, Joomla portfolio templates, you can present your work in the most professional way. Not only that, but a solid website showcasing your amazing works is a more pro-level looking CV, too. Whether you are a photographer, designer, writer or any other creative professional, you need a portfolio. That is a fact if you are after a successful freelancing lifestyle which may eventually turn into a serious business. Or you stay solo but still keep the work and all that follows serious. I bet you already worked with many brands and companies and gained a ton of experience and skills within your niche. You can use a respectable portfolio website as a jumping off point for gaining more clients and sealing new deals. Make them astonished with your pieces of art. To make sure your work is showcased in the most beautiful way which will help you increase your clientele, use Joomla portfolio templates. These allow you to put your creative mind to use and represent your work in a very unique way. Bear in mind, it is not only your accomplished projects what they will be amazed by. Designing an outstanding portfolio page is a masterpiece to take into consideration, too. Catch people’s attention with your overall online presence. Mumbrass mumbrass joomla portfolio template Site readers and visitors love a good-looking website design, but too much clutter turns them off right away. Especially on mobile! Appreciate the beauty of minimalism to highlight your projects and services even more. The Mumbrass Joomla portfolio template can accomplish such a feat. After all, it focuses on providing user experience instead of showcasing shimmering knickknacks that have no use whatsoever. Mumbrass is imbued with core attributes like intuitive editor tools, responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, etc. With Mumbrass, you could build an online sensation in just a few clicks. Whether you have utterly no experience or already a pro, Mumbrass promises a user-friendly design that is so simplistic yet professional looking. Utilize it as is or take the extra step and update and modify it according to your needs and regulations.

24 Multipurpose Premium Adobe Muse Templates 2019

So we have all tried everything at some point in our lives. If we are at the moment and we are feeling the energy carrying us towards a larger goal, we will go and capture it without second thoughts, right? I would hope so since most life opportunities come and go in an instant and they rarely knock twice. So if you are deciding right now whether you need a website or not, we hope that this blog post will help you answer that question. Whether you need to start learning web development perhaps (HTML and CSS) so you can build what you want or hire a web developer to cater to some crazy idea you have got in your head. Honestly, none of those options are brilliant for a beginner that’s just starting out and didn’t even make a simple website yet. For those of you like that, it is much better to start with something small, something that is easy to use and understand. Things like that in the online world are known as intuitive website builders, and there’s quite a few of them, but if you did not know that you probably wouldn’t be here. This is us trying to explain the main reasons of why you should check out our collection of Premium Adobe Muse theme choices. Adobe Muse is one of those powerful editors that can offer you amazing design, an easy to use interface and sweet looking elements as well as sections and pages. Regardless if you are new to all this, or if you are perhaps coming from WordPress or Shopify, Adobe Muse will be a seamless transition. It is easy to pick up, easy to use and you can get your online presence up and running in half an hour from now if you put in the necessary time and effort right this moment. It is really a crazy world we live in when we can do stuff like this when even five years ago we had to know the code, read into and do everything manually. In today’s world, even the average Joe can have a simple, decent looking blog up and running in less of a day with just a little bit time and effort invested. So let me tell you a little bit about the premium templates you will be using. They are fast; they are responsive, they feature compatibility across all devices and SEO optimization tailored to your needs. You say hi, I say how much? You can build anything from blogs to online store solutions featuring your best products on the home page and attracting any curious eye with a concept of quality. What are you waiting for? The demos are here, and they are waiting for their new king. RITLA ritla creative adobe muse template RITLA is leading the way in premium Adobe Muse templates. It is a multi-page offering with a neat and simple design that will look fresh for years. RITLA is also fully responsive for your pages to work smoothly on all platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. What is exceptionally cool about RITLA is the fact that all the elements are entirely editable. For the techies, RITLA is loaded with CSS animations and Font Awesome icons. It is also compatible with Adobe Muse CCS 2017 and will take all the hard work out of your much-needed web design. When you need a site that pops and grabs everyone’s attention, check out RITLA. This is the type of a site skin that will undoubtedly change the way you look at websites. MORE INFO / DOWNLOAD DEMO Berlin berlin adobe muse template When minimalistic is something you are after regarding web design, it is Berlin that will do the magic for you. It is a premium Adobe Muse template for creatives, freelancers and agencies. You can use it for your photography, architecture, design, arts, even musical and sports projects. At the end of the day, it is your imagination that is the only limitation you have when it comes to building a web presence with Berlin. Berlin offers you to choose from three homes, static, slider or video version, and benefit from blog system. The tool has a ton of fantastic features, like typewriter effect, on scroll content load, tidy portfolio and the cleanest contact form. Push your products and services and start the scaling process of your business with Berlin. Read through the included documentation and never run into any issue.

Top 15 Most Popular Drupal ECommerce Templates 2019 Top 15 Most Popular Drupal eCommerce Templates 2019

You might be after refreshing your current online store or you are building one from scratch, this top collection of Drupal Commerce templates will help you out tremendously. What is the best part of it all is the fact that, by using any of the themes listed below, you need zero coding skills. Not to mention, by choosing a premium demo each template offers you, you don’t even need to be a design wizard to create a stunning web store. Just a little imagination and you are ready and set to launch a completely new or refurbished website. A handpicked collection of the most powerful Drupal eCommerce templates will serve every taste. Even the pickiest ones will find something that will meet their needs. The time has come for you to represent the products and services you are selling/offering in the best possible way. With a clean, yet compelling, online shop, you will attract new potential shoppers who may become your loyal and, most importantly, returning customers. At the end of the day, it is important that you know who your end customer is. Create a great user experience, let them know why they should choose you and do not forget to give back. You can easily achieve all this and a whole bunch more by creating a “WOW” customer experience with a persuasive website using Drupal Commerce templates. It is time to start creating something new in your niche and leave each visitor that lands on your page in amazement. Wosh wosh drupal ecommerce template Wosh is a supreme solution for all the online shop ideas you might have that you would like to realize. It is a Drupal eCommerce template that provides all the necessities for an amazing shopping experience. Once you download it, you get instant access to Wosh’s five absolutely fantastic demos. Bear in mind, you can expect new to drop with template’s future updates. But you can already create a remarkable web presence with what is available. Not only that but by tweaking the web design to your likings. With the easy to use template such as Wosh, anyone can make a webstore. The features and ready-to-use material is there, you only need to put it to use and make something extraordinary out of it. Wosh comes with full documentation, is search engine optimized and 100% responsive. Professional coding gives Wosh stability and allows you to make something outstanding with it.

14 ECommerce Adobe Muse Templates For Stunning Stores 2019 14 eCommerce Adobe Muse Templates For Stunning Stores 2019

Check out our collection of the best eCommerce Adobe Muse templates for crafting the most stunning and lucrative online stores. What’s best, there is no coding nor design knowledge required. Everyone can build a webshop as of today. Adobe Muse is a powerful website making tool with tons of different customization options rivaling both WordPress as well as Unbounce in today’s fight and struggles for big and powerful editors. Of course, Muse comes with its count of unique features and various issues as it is, you know, relatively new and all. It is not going to be a detriment to you to try it out, though, like I said it could be just as good as the leading website editing products on the market today. Moreover, if you are still slightly skeptical, well you can try it for free and see for yourself! Adobe Muse does not export fully responsive templates as of yet, but as we are waiting for that features we can try out all this awesome stuff we have right now! With Muse, your website will automatically adjust to all modern devices without you needing to spend a second more on trying to figure out how to make elements fit in different screen sizes. It is all there, you just have to play around with it to get the result you want. Everything you need to set up an entirely excellent service website or shop, blog or whatever it is you need. It is all there, from the SEO options to all the different free elements you can download online and use to boost your online presence. There is more. Couple all that up with our fantastic selection of eCommerce templates and you will build the shop of your dreams. Never worry about another product getting lost in your confusing CRM pool and create your website the way it was meant to look. Slick, intuitive and fast. Set up your payment system, link your credit card, add products that you will be selling. Afterwards, customize your home page so that it contains marketing information for your customers to read what your store is all about. Maybe have a section for featured products where you can show off your best goods. Use all that, along with these premium Adobe Muse templates to create and build your online eCommerce presence which your customers will find a joy to visit every time. Make them say “I am glad I found this website and ordered this thing, I will probably want to do it again once a sale comes up.” Moreover, that is what you will be able to achieve with this excellent selection of eCommerce Adobe Muse templates we have for you today. Try some of the demo’s and see for yourself! Neptuno neptuno ecommerce adobe muse template Display sophistication and competence with a responsive template that suits your meticulous taste. Neptuno is undeniably the one, and very likely, last, eCommerce Adobe Muse template you will ever need. Explore multiple features that you can take to your full advantage when building the right online store for your business. Customize everything without the sweat and introduce your signature style to differentiate yourself from the masses. Utilize Neptuno’s cutting-edge technology that saves you a ton of time and effort. This way, you could create a website like a pro. If you are looking to bring into being an eCommerce platform with a refreshing look, you better get your hands on Neptuno. This tool will take things to a whole new degree for you thanks to its uniqueness and creativity. Start today and begin making epic moves to reach the business success you always wanted to achieve.

15 Best Movies WordPress Themes 2019

Holidays are meant to be fun, relaxing and enjoyable. And one of the perfect ways to spend holidays is to watch movies. These movies are meant to entertain, teach, influence, educate or inspire. Regardless of the genre of the movie, they surely take you away from reality and enjoy every moment of it. No wonder the film industry is big business especially in the US. Accordingly, the film entertainment business in the US will generate 35.3 billion US dollars by 2019. With this fact, we shouldn’t be wondering why many film directors create movies that are inspirational and ready to wow the audience. Moreover, many entrepreneurs try to collect, sell or advertise movies online so HD copies of awesome movies will reach the audience. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs, you should be checking this list and see which movies WordPress theme you should acquire. A movie is a strong and powerful medium to express thoughts, ideas, events, and experiences to the world. As filmmakers create magnificent movies, they are ever ready to become one of the top-grossing films in certain years. Meanwhile, the film industry has also taken advantage of technology in promoting their films. As people these days spend most of their time on the internet, promoting it in this medium will truly make a difference. To create a beautiful movie website where you can beautifully showcase your movies, you better pick a movie WordPress theme to help you out. Hence, we’ve gathered this list of premium movies WordPress themes to help you create your website without hassle. Excellent Movies WordPress Theme In this collection, you can find different layouts for your movie’s website. These movies WordPress themes are ever ready to exhibit the movies attractively. Some of these themes are also ideal to use for filmmakers, movie studio, movie productions, creative agencies and other related websites. They are built with powerful plugins that are can make your website look fantastic and engaging. So, see which of these amazing movies WordPress themes you will pick for your upcoming projects. Motion – Film and Movie WordPress Theme movies wordpress theme Watching movies is a fun way of building a strong bond between couples, families, friends and relatives. Typically, movies can truly give inspiration, encouragement or awareness so they are also ideal for children with parent’s supervision. Meanwhile, as internet usage is very common these days, it would be great to have a website that will help you exhibit wonderful movies. So, whether you want to sell, showcase movie trailers, or promote upcoming films, this Motion is a cool pick. Motion is a film and movie WordPress theme that is ideal to use for film, tv, movies company and agency sites. It makes use of beautiful sliders to showcase different movie trailers. It has several pages that can help you display your contents in a nice and creative manner. As responsiveness is very essential, this movies WordPress theme looks well on all devices. Moreover, this theme is compatible with most of the browsers so your website is perfectly appealing and presentable. MORE INFO / DOWNLOAD DEMO AmyMovie – Cinema and Movies WordPress Theme movies wordpress theme Movie is an amazing and interesting means of treating mood disorders and depression. Apart from that, movies can help deliver important messages to the society. That’s why we see a lot of movies in a different genre that captivates the attention of the audience. If you want to showcase movies beautifully, you can opt for movies WordPress theme. These themes are truly helpful for building an online presence. Here’s AmyMovie that you can take advantage of for your movie’s website. AmyMovie is a movie WordPress theme that has a modern, clean and professional interface. With this movie theme, you can make an appealing and engaging movie website in no time. It comes with various amazing layouts that fit best for movie websites. This theme is packed with smart shortcodes and widgets to make your website up and running. Also, you can easily import movie data from IMDb and TMDb website. This movie theme has a lot of features that can help your site stand out. In addition, it’s fully compatible with the popular plugins such as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7, Breadcrumb Navxt and more. On top of that, it lets you build your site easily with the one-click install feature.

24 Top Apparel & Fashion Website Templates 2019

No need to be searching for the best fashion website templates anymore. We came to the conclusion that a thorough web hunt for the top and most promising templates for fashion websites is needed. Here we are now, ready and set to take care of your clothing and fashion industry projects. Do style and everything trendy run through your veins? Are you constantly up to date with what is hot at the moment? Or you might want to start your very own eCommerce site selling goods for others to look stylish. Whatever your needs may be, we have a solution for you. But that is something you already learned by now. In the modern age we are living, we all seem to care what we put on ourselves. It is important to us that we look not only good but feel confident and competent. To reach those levels, a proper selection of clothes can help us tremendously. The fastest way to find the desired clothes and styles is to go online and browse countless fashion websites. And some are so into trends and fashion, they launch their own fashion blogs and online stores. To help you out choosing appropriately without spending too much time doing it, investigate these best fashion website templates. Inform folks about the latest trends and brands or start selling goods yourself. It is all possible and quick to realize if you have the right set of tools. We took care of those, now is up to your to put them to use and create the next trendsetter. Become an inspiration and break the fashion industry barriers. Go against the grain and start something new. Brailie brailie fashion website template In this collection, you will, obviously, find a wide variety of different fashion website templates. While eCommerce is the most popular style, there are others like fashion photography, too. The latter is what Brailie is all about. It is a stunning photography template for everyone who would like to push his or her works above and beyond. And if you are in the fashion industry, Brailie is a great option for you as well. What is pretty much insane about Brailie is the fact that it has over fifty predesigned demos. You read that correct, 50! In other words, you probably will not need to do much work yourself, go with the sample you dig the most and just add your content. Voila, you are done and ready to go live. There is a ton more. Brailie is packed with valuable assets, from parallax effect and sixteen color skins to SEO friendliness and four premium tools at no additional cost. Kick things off with Brailie today.

24 Creative Adobe Muse Templates For Stunning Websites 2019 24 Creative Adobe Muse Templates For Stunning Websites 2019

If you already have an established business or you are just thinking of running an online store – then our collection creative Adobe Muse template choices might be helpful. Maybe you are only a lonely app developer, or you work for a creative agency. Either way, you need help with starting an online presence, and you need it fast. If that is who you are, or perhaps someone who simply needs a good online solution for your business in general, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the best selection of Adobe Muse templates for your creative and design needs. Now, what makes Adobe Muse so good and afterward these templates? I will attempt to answer both of those questions right now. So what is Adobe Muse? In layman’s terms, it is an attempt on a program in which you can utilize its various tools to create and publish professional looking websites. Using a free-form canvas and layout tools. You can build a website from scratch, and it can be as unique and as creative as you could imagine it. All that’s left is to use it. Adobe Muse is ahead of the competition when it comes to Typekit fonts as it features thousands of them which you can use instantly and without any fault. You can also find millions of images + videos from their Adobe Stock feature. Afterwards, you can customize your website with thousands of user-made widgets which completely integrates with Muse. Add scroll effects for an even more engaging experience. Make images appear gradually or use parallax scrolling effects to make your website look very modern and fluid. After doing all that jazz, you can publish your site online, and you can let authorized users edit them easily with good built-in privacy options. Without having to write code, this is for anyone who wants to make responsive free form websites which are also SEO optimized every step of the way. I encourage you to download the free trial today and try yourself. As for the templates we have provided and named here, they will offer you all that stuff I talked about right out of the box without you having to do anything. As you export the template you want to on Muse, you will find that editing the templates is pretty much straightforward and you can very easily build a website that caters to your own needs and your customers. No matter your niche, no matter what kind of business you are trying to run, you will find something for yourself in here. Enjoy! RITLA ritla adobe muse template RITLA is one fine, creative Adobe Muse template specifically designed for creative agencies. Besides, RITLA is fully adjustable and will work with freelancers, IT companies and other businesses easily. With the amazing and tempting web design, RITLA delivers remarkable performance and an unforgettable experience. It provides all the necessary for you to push yourself, your services and your talents to attract new clients and grow your project. With RITLA, loads is possible. The tool sports CSS animations, Font Awesome icons, a working contact form and smooth scrolling. Along with the main Adobe Muse template, the package also includes an HTML file and a simple to follow documentation. You are short moments away from realizing your website and start something refreshing that will help you win over even more business deals.