29 Best SEO Friendly Website Templates To Rank Better 2019

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most commonly spoken complicated topics on the internet. There are many experts like Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin, who constantly share about the SEO tips that they have learned in their career. The SEO includes lots of complex factors like the backlinks, quality contents, bounce rates, page authorities and much more. These are the factors which we website owners can manage by ourselves. The 50% main factor of your site’s SEO lies in the quality of the template or the theme you use. The quality refers to the coding of the theme and the templates. Well written codes don’t overdo or fail in their task. They just accomplish their task perfectly, such templates are often mentioned as the SEO friendly website templates. So at Colorlib we always try to collect the best templates and themes to make your search more simpler. Even we have shared some high quality website templates and WordPress themes for free with our readers. Here on this list, we have shared some of the premium SEO friendly website templates for you. Bemax Bemax is one of the finest SEO friendly website templates that’s available today. It is a one-page parallax style template that business startups will find it of great use. However, Bemax is versatile and flexible enough to be used by web studios, agencies and other companies and projects that are leaned more towards the creative development. Due to the use of Bootstrap Framework, you can be confident that it is responsive enough for your needs but most importantly, for the modern mobile end user. All the files that Bemax package contains, as well as the code, are organized and tidy for you to make any customizations to it with ease. Bemax includes six home page designs plus additional blog home and blog details pages. Last but not least, because it is search engine optimized, your site will perform well when it comes to search engine results.

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