20 Best Small Business Website Builders 2019

At this point, all you need is to sort out your web presence, and these best small business website builders are here to help you out. Let’s face it, if you run an agency or any kind of business, if you are not present on the web, it is almost like you do not exist. And if you are selling products, you will unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities for yourself once you bring your items in front of the internet audience. Now, you can reach people from all around the globe and it is way simpler than you think. By picking up a solid website builder for small businesses, you can have a page up quickly. In fact, in some of the cases, it might take you only a few minutes, if you have all your material ready and set. While constructing a website might sound a long and tedious process it is not quite like so with our best small business website builders. What you will soon find out is that it is the complete opposite. With the right tool at your disposal, you will not need to deal with a single string of code. Design and development all of a sudden become an effortless and straightforward task. It will feel like you have been doing it for years even if it is the first ever site you are building. Boost your online appearance, craft an interest sparking business page and grow to the new degree. Wix You might be crafting products by hand, selling items online, offering services, you name it, Wix is the best small business website template you will come across. The tool is extremely simple to use for everyone to get a chance to bring into being a page. Seriously, even if you are with zero skills, it is Wix that will help you out. You will never really need to seek assistance from a coder or a designer. With Wix, all becomes easy and unchallenging. Thanks to the drag and drop builder, you can get creative and do your thing at free will. When it comes to Wix, there are three main options you have to sort yourself out a business site. First is Wix’s artificial design intelligence aka ADI. After you answer a few quick questions, ADI offers you a web design which you only need to update with text and images. The Editor and the Code methods are more advanced and give you a ton more freedom with the site design. Pick accordingly and have a web space up and running swiftly with Wix. More Info uKit If you are a business owner and a website is the last piece of the puzzle, you came to the right place. Now you can establish a page for your brand yourself, as well as save time and money. Not to mention, you will have a lot of fun on the journey of developing something fresh. With the best small business website builders like uKit, you can accomplish a ton of things with just a click of a mouse. You do not really need to be tech-savvy and you will still put together a professional page thanks to uKit and its ridiculously helpful features. uKit comes with a bundle of over 350 designs in more than 38 categories. That said, you can go with a predesigned look or you can start with a blank canvas. Sure, you can utilize what is available and edit and improve it however you fancy. There are no restrictions when it comes to doing tweaks and incorporating your artistic mind. Awesome typography, cool color schemes, mobile-ready, grid-based, cross-browser compatible, uKit pages are up-to-the-minute. More Info Weebly Regardless of your entrepreneurial level, and even if you are just starting out, a page is a must. No doubt, by owning a business website, you have a much greater chance to grow to the next level and expand into new territories. After all, a site is, unquestionably, a cutting-edge marketing tool you should not miss in your career. To make things easier for you, here we have the best small business website builders you will enjoy a whole bunch. Weebly happens to be one fine tool you can start using right away. Creating any type of page just became an activity everyone can complete not only quickly but struggle-free, too. You will need to thank Weebly’s user-friendly interface that never goes behind the scenes, requiring you to change the code. It is all executed with the drag and drop method. With Weebly, you can do both business websites and eCommerce platforms. You can select from multiple ready-to-use themes and save the hassle of starting from the square one. Push your products, advertise your services and scale. More Info IM Creator IM Creator is a striking website builder for small businesses that offers you a free and a premium plan. Of course, you can start with the former and only upgrade once you start seeing some traction. There is nothing hard about constructing a page for your firm when speaking about IM Creator. The drag and drop site editor is simple to use for everyone that encounters it. You can even go after crafting blogs and online shops, IM Creator supports it all. With this in mind, make sure you are free of limitations and boundaries and go after building your business website with a clear mind. All online spaces that you forge with IM Creator will be responsive and 100% mobile ready. In other words, you creations appear smoothly on any device, from smartphone and tablet to desktop computers. You can manage and maintain a page with IM Creator hassle-free. Moreover, you can also benefit from the included SEO controls to optimize your page for search engines and drive in more organic traffic. More Info Squarespace Whether you are starting out or you already run a business, get your page up and moving with Squarespace. This is one of the best small business website builders currently available on the market. With Squarespace, you can do pretty much whatever your heart fancies. It is an exceptionally versatile service for building just about all kinds of pages regardless of the niche and industry you are in. Just like all the other site editors in this collection, it is the drag and drop page builder what makes Squarespace special and smooth to work with. By using Squarespace, you will look professional from the get-go. No need to have any former experience building pages and whatnot. You can be a complete beginner and still be able to come up with a top-notch web space for your project. Go with the available templates or create your very own design starting with a white canvas. Whatever you do, it is a guarantee that you will not mess things up. More Info Shopify Being as popular as it is, you very likely already heard of Shopify. This is a fabulous and by far one of the best small business website builders. Hence its name, Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows you to sell all types of products online without any nuisance. You can start immediately and have a page all set up in as little time as possible. There are plenty of free templates available but you can always go with a premium one if you would like. Bear in mind, you can try Shopify for free for two straight weeks and see what is possible. No design nor coding skills are required when you use Shopify to build your online shop with. It is a tool that comes applicable to both beginners and professionals alike. With Shopify payments, you can accept cards and make it easier for buyers to complete their purchases. Of course, your eCommerce websites will be fully responsive and optimized for cutting edge performance. In addition, if you need any extra help, hit up Shopify’s 24/7 support and they will help you solve everything. More Info 3dcart If you would like to start your own online business, you can do it quickly and efficiently with 3dcart. This is a fantastic and easy to use website builder exclusive for crafting the niftiest eCommerce platforms. Do you know what’s best? 3dcart offers a 15-day free trial which gives you more than enough time to experience the true power this killer online store editor brings to the table. Besides, 3dcart has four different plans which cover anything, from the Basic store to the Pro store. Of course, you can start with the cheapest and later upgrade when necessary. When speaking of features and other goodies, 3dcart has in store for you, you better sit tight unless you want to get blown away. You can register your own domain, proceed unlimited orders, benefit from 24/7 support and enjoy well over fifty responsive themes. 3dcart is also compatible with more than one hundred payment providers, helps you build a Facebook store and allows blogging as well. 3dcart is no joke, so make it yours and enter the online space with a banging online store regardless of the items you plan to push. More Info Mobirise Starting small and scaling accordingly is a clever approach you can take when it comes to business. But first, you need to take care of your web space. Otherwise, you might lose a ton of opportunity that lies all around the web. With this in mind, you better check out Mobirise best small business website builder. It is a site editor that gives you all the right tools you need for crafting your perfect page for your business. And you definitely do not need to be a skilled programmer to make things happen. Mobirise is here to please your ideas even if you are new to the page development game. Out of the box, you can have a site up in a snap with Mobirise. Notice, while some page builders operate in browsers, Mobirise is an offline software you can use at any given time of the day. Choose the theme, drag and drop blocks, set parameters, upload your media, review and publish your page. Yes, that is somewhat the entire process of making with Mobirise. Did you notice that I did not mention any coding? Before you decide to 100% commit, check out our Mobirise review first. More Info Ucraft You can craft pages of all kind for businesses of all types with Ucraft. If you are running a small business, you came to the right place. This group of the best small business website builders is the perfect solution for you. After all, you do want an easier method of establishing your dream page, don’t you? Instead of hiring someone to do it for you or undergoing a long process of editing the code, you can do it all yourself by employing the power of Ucraft. It is a site building service you will absolutely enjoy using. To reach a professional level with your company website, you do not really need to be a programmer nor a designer. In fact, you could be an utter newbie and still have a chance of having the same results as pros do. After all, anyone can use a mouse and that is all that is needed when making great things with Ucraft. You can even start with multiple ready-to-use templates and improve them accordingly. More Info Tilda If you think you cannot do it, let Tilda prove you wrong. You can do it! Tilda is a small business website builder that will awaken your inner designer you did not know exists all until now. You will soon realize that you are capable of doing so much more even if you have not done particular things yet. This applies to building and constructing a website for your business. It is Tilda and its numerous templates, blocks, extensions and ease of use that will unlock a new specter of possibilities for you. Do you not believe me? Try Tilda for free and see the magic happen. Once you enter the Tilda interface, you will be speechless. Its intuitive page builder, blocks library, online store readiness, adaptability, custom fonts, search engine friendliness, you name it, Tilda delivers it. You can always come up with your custom blocks and create individual layouts, too. Are you intrigued yet? Well then, hop on board and bring your business to the next degree. More Info BoldGrid If you decided to go with WordPress, then you should boost it to the new heights with BoldGrid. This fantastic small business website builder is ready to become part of your journey to a successful launch of a new page. While you can use one of the ready-made themes that BoldGrid comes with, you can also integrate the tool with your own themes. In other words, you have the freedom that is required to craft the exact online space for yourself and your company. Make it follow your branding to the T and let it stand out from the crowd. It becomes easy and effortless once you start with BoldGrid. Why complicate and build things from scratch if you do not have to? Why hiring designers and web developers if you do not have to? You get the gist of it. With BoldGrid, you can utilize its powerful drag and drop editor and modify the look of your website to your fondness. To increase the hype, it will take you just about ten minutes to complete the page. More Info Readymag Small businesses are a broad topic that cover a ton of offline and online projects you are running. One thing is for sure, regardless of the type of your business, you should have a website. And even if you already own one but you feel like it is outdated and poorly performing, it is time for a change. Make a difference with Readymag. Due to its amazingness, Readymag is one of the best one page website builders which you can use for online magazines, portfolios, presentations and all sorts of other online publications. Start a magazine or push your works and services, you can do it all with Readymag. The fun begins once you start applying Readymag and notice that you do not really need to code to get your page up and running. Moreover, you also do not have to worry about mobile and browser compatibility. On top of that, Readymag is equipped with analytics and optimized for search engines. More Info WPBakery Page Builder You can construct your page visually with WPBakery Page Builder. Meaning, you can do changes to your web design real-time and see the change immediately. This way, you do not have to jump back and forth and lose a ton of time doing it. WPBakery Page Builder is a small business website builder that applies to all entrepreneurs who are on WordPress. Yes, WPBakery Page Builder is a WP service that you can use with pretty much every theme or start with a blank canvas. Since it does not call for doing any coding and stuff, WPBakery Page Builder is great for both those starting out and experts alike. Over fifty elements and templates, more than 75 unique features, fully SEO optimized, mobile ready layouts and high-class performance, WPBakery Page Builder creates cutting-edge pages. Besides, along with the fantastic help center, WPBakery Page Builder also comes with a ton of video tutorials that will give you a better understanding of how things get done. More Info SITE123 Make a page that will stand the test of time for free today with SITE123 small business website builder. Bring thing to the higher state, attract more potential clients and skyrocket your business. With a page, one of the best marketing tools, you can advertise yourself to the global audience and grow at a steady pace. A web space is a reflection of your business no matter what niche you are in. Tell a story and show the world what you excel at. You can do all this with SITE123 in as little as a few minutes. Once you take action, SITE123 first lets you pick your niche. You can build online store, restaurant, technology, creative, health and transportation services types of pages to name a few. From then on, you get to pick sub-categories, add a name and all that is left to do is to refine the web design. Call it easy and free! More Info Jimdo Do you want more solutions for your website? If you would like to be in complete control of your web presence and establish it by yourself, you better consider Jimdo. First, take a peek at this excellent small business website builder and see what is possible with it. A lot. Jimdo is a spectacular site editor best for businesses of different calibers. What is special about Jimdo is the two plans it comes with; Dolphin and Creator. As far as Dolphin goes, all you need to do is to answer on a few quick questions, provide your social media links and that is basically it. What Dolphin then does, it uses its secret developers and designers to bring you the demanded website in minutes time. Yes, it happens almost instantly. On the other hand, you can go with the Creator feature and set up your business website step by step. You can also add a blog and an online store and modify the look to match your brand. More Info Strikingly Strike the web with a bang by employing the outstanding Strikingly small business website builder. There is no need for you to keep on asking yourself how to build a website. Strikingly has it all at your disposal, ready for you to put to use. Of course, Strikingly, just like all the rest, does not expect you to be a coder. It is put together in a way you can do banging business pages without the need to dive deep into the code. Heck, you will not even see the code! Creative individuals and business people, you are all welcome to use Strikingly. With Strikingly, you can register a custom domain name or use your existing one. You can craft an online store or build a shop as an extension to your existing business page. Indeed, you can also implement a blog and use it for content marketing. With the built-in analytics, you can always track how your page performs and what your visitors do when they land on your site. More Info SiteBuilder When you are a service that helps business owners build websites, you cannot have a more official name than SiteBuilder. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s the features and the assets that make it a remarkable tool you will love using. While being super versatile, SiteBuilder also comes as one of the best small business website builders. It only takes you three steps to have a website prepared. But if you do want to improve the default theme of choice, by all means, tweak it however you fancy. All the templates that come with SiteBuilder are 100% adjustable for your convenience. You are just moments away from finally having a jaw-dropping business page that you always wanted to be the owner of. The sooner you take action the faster you will start attracting new potential clients. With a sophisticated web space, you can take your project above and beyond. More Info Yola Everyone has a few minutes to spare. And if this few minutes mean that they might change your life for the good, you know you do not want to miss on the opportunity. It is building a website that will take you pretty much no time when you experience the power of Yola. The site editor is packed with loads of stuff that will benefit you tremendously. No wonder why Yola scored a spot on our best small business website builders list. It is solid, flexible, powerful and beginner-friendly, that’s why. If you need to make a business page fast, Yola is the answer. What’s dope about Yola is the fact that you can start for free and only add premium features while your business grows. And if you feel like free version suits you just fine, you can use it forever. With upgrades, you can change domain names, web hosting, add a webshop and a whole bunch of other goodies. Bring your business online and thrive with Yola. More Info Doodlekit While you might think that you do not really need a website, you are dead wrong. You absolutely must have a website in the modern era, we live in. And if you are running a business, it is that more crucial to have a proper web space up, grabbing the attention of potential clients. If not online, you are very likely leaving a ton of money on the table and no one wants that. For a quick page fix, all you need is Doodlekit small business website builder. Once you join, all the rest becomes super simple. It only takes oh so little time to complete crafting your page. First, choose a template. There are are many available. From then on, you can freely adjust and enhance the one layout you like most and customize it to your business needs. Add a banner, your company logo, introduce a blog and ever start an eCommerce page. Doodlekit also provides search optimization, a form builder and website statistics. More Info Sitey Professional pages are just around the corner with Sitey. You just pick a predesigned template and start employing the fabulous assets this best simple business website builder provides. The whole process will feel very natural even if you have not yet encountered with such tool. Old-school website development required a lot of stuff with changing the code and whatnot. However, in the new-school era, we can utilize different services that help us save time and energy, not to mention, money. The most basic Sitey plan does not cost a dime but the features are quite limited. To go back to the beginning, start with Sitey by choosing one from over one hundred templates. From then on, use the drag and drop editor to style the layout to your needs, use a custom domain name and craft a filterable portfolio. Sitey is also mobile-ready, compatible with social media platforms and Google Analytics. More Info   Thank you for visiting Colorlib and reading this article! We highly appreciate it! Now you might want to learn how to make a website using our free WordPress themes.

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