17 Awesome WordPress Material Design Themes For Landing Pages, Corporate Websites and Blogs – 2019

Modern Internet culture is a quickly evolving beast, whose heart seems impossible to pinpoint. Its pulse, however, is impossible not to feel, as it beats and resonates with the world itself. While no one seems able to put a finger on where its heart is, that hasn’t stopped us from trying. Enter Google’s Material Design concept philosophy. Material Design is a complex idea that is almost imperceptible. It involves the subtle integration of increasingly powerful technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap to provide detail-oriented user experience enhancements, keeping visitors engaged and entertained even after they’ve lost their initial spur of interest. Material Design not only gives websites a polished, professional look to them; it lowers user bounce rates and improves revenue over time. Furthermore, it looks so, so strikingly beautiful! The following collection of themes all includes an inherent Material Design philosophy at their core, enabling many different kinds of websites and webmasters to make use of this powerful, conceptual approach to user experience and user interaction website design. Divi Divi is an outstanding, advanced multipurpose WordPress theme with truly limitless capabilities and astoundingly adaptability to any webmaster’s needs. Technologically sophisticated and engineered for accessibility, Divi can do it all, and stays classy and elegant while doing so. With a module-based design architecture, Divi page outlays can be modified and altered in a block-like fashion, carefully selecting, shaping and sizing individual modules that can then be further hierarchized within a page or featured throughout the site as customized Mega Menus, sophisticated sliders, smart sidebars and carousels, all smoothly animated with gorgeous, Retina ready HTML5 and CSS3 visual effects and multimedia integration. Featuring pre-designed modules and pages such as online storefronts, contact forms, galleries, catalogs, blogs, and an endless array of options, all in turn unfathomably customizable, Divi puts every webmaster in the driver’s seat of a very fast, very beautiful ride. There’s a reason Divi has satisfied nearly 300,000 customers—lightning-fast loading times, native responsiveness, native compatibility with Google’s Material Design philosophy and standards make Divi an incredible value package for websites of all sizes, as countless successful businesses and individuals can attest to today. Divi is the theme that unites.

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