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I joined an online earning team, and these are free! Without going out, making money easily, operating on the same day, collecting money on the same day, exempting tuition fees, no deposit, no charge, the unprecedented amazing practice of the Internet – 10 minutes to learn the operation process, half an hour to start earning […]

John Neff’s Investment Enlightenment: Long-term Validity of Value Factor

I saw Johnniev’s investment rules a few years ago, and I was impressed by two things: his reverse value strategy and his dedication. Recently, in studying the development model of American public funds, I came across an article by Berg, the godfather of index funds. Berg believes that in the past 60 years of American […]

[Financial Perspective] A worldwide puzzle: Why is value investment a path few people take?

A worldwide problem: Why do many people not believe in value investment? As practitioners of value investment, we often think about this problem. Let’s take the US stock market as an example to provide our views. Value investment is not real? Not at all! The two most familiar value investment masters are Ben Graham and […]

Life and investment are very similar: they are full of uncertainties, and there are ways to improve the winning rate – Crystal fly swatter

The hardest thing is to learn to wait. The two ends of investment are analysis and trading, while the two ends are connected by waiting. The core of investment analysis is business understanding and probability thinking. The core of investment transaction is odds and reverse thinking. The core of waiting is to abide by ability […]

Buffett: Live it again. I just want to choose the gene that will live to 120.

“Ask you to be tactful when you ask questions. The harder the questions you ask, the more fun they will be. Buffett demanded this before a speech in 1998. Of course, his questions were tricky enough: If you could buy or short someone’s 10% of his life’s income, who would you choose? The speech was […]

Value investment: insist or give up?

James O’Shaughnessy is the author of the classic Wall Street Stock Market Investment. This book is about investment formulas. It uses financial statistics to explore which investment strategies are most effective. O’Shaughnessy retrospectively tested 40 formulas in his book, and eventually found the best one. He set up his own fund in 1996. However, O’Shaughnessy […]

Blog, we-media, wordpress theme JustNews

WPCOM’s latest wordpress theme, JustNews, is the first set of weblog themes we’ve developed. In the design and development process, the theme of JustNews USES many websites from different industries for reference. It can be said that it integrates the advantages of most websites. JustNews theme support front end user center function, need to install […]

Module theme updates support WooCommerce mall functionality

Module theme we have released the latest version 2.0, the new version we added WooCommerce Mall plug-in compatibility, can achieve online sales of products. At the same time, the compatibility of Ultimate Member plug-in is added to realize membership function. At the same time, we do deep docking for these two plug-ins, and integrate order […]

WPCOM Topic Update Support Automatic Capture of Articles Remote Pictures, Automatic Completion of Picture Alt Information

In the past two days, we have updated and upgraded the existing WordPress theme. The biggest highlight of the new version is the addition of automatic capture of remote pictures (external pictures) in articles to local servers, and the ALT information automatic completion function of article pictures. Automatic Grabbing of Remote Pictures The ability of […]